Young Chris, Wale & Guapdad 4000


Real ones know Ken is a much better fighter than Ryu (Ken’s whirlwind kick was better).

Never did I think I would hear a collaboration between Young Chris (A dude I haven’t heard from since “No Better Love”), Wale, and Guapdad 4000 in my lifetime. Whatever the case may be, the trio did their thing in this brand new single called “Ryu & Ken.”

“Ryu & Ken” is one of the rawest songs I’ve heard this year. It doesn’t feature any infectious melodies or dynamic vibes, it simply features three dudes with distinct rapping styles spitting relentlessly about Street Fighter characters, gunplay, and dirty money. If you are a fan of unprocessed hip-hop, you will like “Ryu & Ken.”

Everyone murdered this song.