Conway The Machine, The Alchemist & ScHoolboy Q


These Griselda n***as are cold as s**t!

Griselda makes music that sounds like some 90s hip-hop s**t. If you disagree with that statement, I think “Shoot Sideways” is a joint that might have you changing your mind.

“Shoot Sideways” is powered by this dark-ass beat that sounds like it just finished doing time for attempted murder (Kudos to The Alchemist). Over it, Schoolboy Q hits us with a Wu-Tang-like hook that has him sounding like a part-time contract killer, while Conway hits us with icy-cold verses that have him bragging about his drug-dealing/street-certified ways. When it’s all said and done, “Shoot Sideways” features relentless flows, dope punchlines, and beyond trill lyrical content.

I definitely slept on Griselda.