Joyner Lucas


Joyner Lucas’s A.D.H.D. album is set to hit planet earth in less than 48 hours.

There are a few high-level similarities between Will Smith and Joyner Lucas: Both are fathers, both can rap, and both are light-skinned. In “Will,” Joyner points out a few more similarities that might have slipped under the radar.

“Will” is powered by a flute-heavy beat that has all kinds of trill-ass vibes attached to it. Over it, Joyner Lucas finds clever ways to compare things that happened to him in his life to things that happened in Will Smith’s movies/life. While the Worcester native exaggerates s**t quite a bit on the song, at the end of the day, you can’t knock the man for paying homage to one of the greatest black actors of all-time.

Below is how I feel about a comparison between Joyner Lucas and Will Smith:

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