YNW Melly & Lil Durk


YNW Melly and Lil Durk are two singers that won’t hesitate to put you six feet under.

I’m no fan of YNW Melly’s violent ways, but I do admit, I f**k with his music-making abilities. While he doesn’t impress me much lyrically, I do think he is a master at harmonizing. On “Banana Split,” YNW’s latest single, he gifts us with a performance that is beyond dynamic.

“Banana Split” is powered by this vibrant Murda Beatz beat that has some crazy bass attached to it. Over it, YNW Melly brags about his murderous/sexually vulgar ways utilizing both a carefree and soulful style of singing. As for Lil Durk, he blesses us with a trill-ass verse that has him supporting YNW Melly and reminding the world that he’s really about that life.

YNW Melly ain’t an innocent muthaf**ka… (I don’t need to see no damn missing glove either).