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Nick Davies Puts Together A Masterpiece In “Earth Without Art”

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Nick Davies


I’m not crying, I’m just suffering from allergies.

As a listener, I put just as much stock into songwriting as I do into singing. While vocals tend to warm souls, words usually touch hearts. With that being said, Nick Davies is as good as it gets when it comes to both songwriting and singing. On his new single, “Earth Without Art,” he connects with listeners by being a sanguine figure in the midst of trying times.

“Earth Without Art” is absolutely beautiful. If the lively instrumental that powers the song doesn’t catch your attention, Nick Davies’ lively, passionate, and heartfelt vocals will. If neither Nick’s vocals or the instrumental catches your attention, his lyrics about appreciating the importance of art, innovation, and inventiveness certainly will. At the end of the day, “Earth Without Art” is the definition of timeless-sounding.

If you are down because of COVID-19, “Earth Without Art” will brighten your day!



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