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T-Pain & Chris Brown Reunite For “Wake Up Dead”

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T-Pain & Chris Brown


Umm, T-Pain, if you are dead, you won’t wake up (Has the Coronavirus gotten to this n***a’s brain?).

T-Pain and Chris Brown have collaborated on explosive hits like “Kiss Kiss” and “Classic You” in the past. Well, today, they decided to drop a semi-somber track called “Wake Up Dead.”

On “Wake Up Dead,” both Chris and T-Pain sing soulfully about wanting only their respective wifeys either f**king up or enhancing their lives. While the lyrical content the two singers gift us with on their verses are beyond bizarre, the vibes attached to the song are even more bizarre (It’s almost like the song is supposed to be a joke).

I don’t care if I’m with Beyoncè, n***a, I’m not ’bout to sleep with someone that might kill me.

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