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Brandy Calls On Chance The Rapper For “Baby Mama”

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Brandy & Chance The Rapper


Hold up, ain’t that Ray J’s sister?

If you had a big sister in the 90s, you know how great Brandy once was. Not only did she star on a show in Moesha that resonated with tons of folks but she also dropped a few albums that I would consider to be classics. Today, the 41-year old decided to return to the music scene with “Baby Mama” —  a smooth anthem dedicated to all of the baby mamas in the world that do work in and out out of the crib.

I’m not going to lie, I’m not a major fan of “Baby Mama.” While I love the topic behind the song, I don’t care for Brandy’s vocals and Chance The Rapper’s pointless-ass verse. I also don’t care for the way the song flows.

Brandy & Mase > Brandy & Chance The Rapper.

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