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Listen To “My Baby” By Susana Esono



Susana Esono

Susana Esono releases her first EP, My Baby.

Susana Esono is a very passionate singer. A few years back, she lost her brother — an event that made her realize that she should chase her dreams. With that being said, a few months back, Susana decided to release My Baby — her very first EP.

My Baby will definitely strike a chord with you. On every single song on the EP, Susana literally gives it her all, singing like someone that wants the world to understand all of her deepest emotions. As for lyrically, she holds nothing back when it comes to talking about love and how it has had an impact on her life, how she thinks, and the decisions that she makes. Kudos must go to Susana for wearing her heart on her sleeves.

Listen to “My Baby” by Susana Esono below!



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