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Fivio Foreign Returns With “Fully Focused”

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Fivio Foreign


I tell myself to act surprised when I hear new Fivio Foreign music.

Fivio Foreign is doing some major things right now. Not only did he drop a decent mixtape called 800 B.C. in April, but he also made an appearance on Drake’s Dark Lane Demo Tape project from earlier this month. Today, Fivio has decided to keep his foot on the gas by releasing “Fully Focused.”

“Fully Focused” sounds like every single song that Fivio Foreign has released since birth. It features a cold-ass drill beat, gangsta-ass adlibs, and demon-talk. Below are some of the things he says in the song:

They know my body (They know my body)
Then don’t bother (Then don’t bother)
They say I’m the GOAT (Ayy, ayy)
I still look in the mirror like, “Go harder” (Ayy, ayy)
Demons with me and they ready to sin (Ready to sin)
I gotta win (I gotta win)
I walk in the room and they feel the win (Ayy, ayy), uh
And my drip on level ten (It is)
And I’m prolly gettin’ bent (I am)
All this Henny to the chin (Ayy, ayy, ayy)
She like, “Baby, you sorta lit” (Ah)

I do admit, Fivio’s swag doesn’t get old.


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