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Cyborg Asylum Illuminate On “Invincible”

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Cyborg Asylum

Cyborg Asylum turns Pat Benatar’s “Invincible” into a song that is a lot edgier.

Cyborg Asylum is a two-man band consisting of David Varga and John Tumminia. Both artists rely on their creativity, experience, and chemistry to take them to musical paradise. On “Invincible,” the duo’s latest single, they bless us with an altered version of Pat Benatar’s classic hit with the same name.

It’s impossible to not be engulfed in the greatness that “Invincible” gives off. Throughout the song, you will hear a powerful vocal performance by John Tumminia, truly riveting lyrics by Tumminia, and an instrumental by David Varga that sounds both electrifying and futuristic. My advice to you is this: You should grab your popcorn and sit in one of your cushiest seats while you listen to “Invincible;” the song will put on a show for you!

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