Chloe X Halle, Doja Cat, Mulatto & City Girls


Chloe X Halle X Doja Cat X Mulatto X City Girls.

I can argue with you that “Do It” by Chloe X Halle is the hottest song of 2020 (Cash me at Bagel Cafe in Reston and I will argue with you about the song’s greatness there). Today, a remix to the surprise hit has dropped!

I feel like every single rapper on this “Do It” remix kills their verse. To be more specific, I love how competitive Doja Cat sounds in her verse, I like how braggadocios and carefree City Girls sound in their verses, and I love how Mulatto sounds like both a female Gucci Mane and a girl that knows she’s the s**t in her verse. All in all, “Do It (Remix)” reminds me that female rap is in a fantastic place!

Welp, Chloe X Halle can’t go back to the Disney Channel after releasing this song…