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Mook TBG Is Ready To Takeover The Game

The South Carolina rapper has more tricks up his sleeve than a magician.

It’s been quite the last couple of years for Mook TBG. Since launching his rap career in 2016, he has dropped a few killer mixtapes (Including the very popular Red Roses), a couple of hit songs, and tons of fire-ass verses. After taking an 18-month hiatus in 2018, Mook is back with his highly anticipated mixtape titled Cash Route.

Do you know what I love about Mook TBG? He raps with a purpose. After his friend Speaker Knockerz passed away, he decided to take music seriously. Even though 2019 was a major year for him (He dropped a hot mixtape called “Its Mook” and explosive singles “Yea Yea,” “Big Bank,” “My Way,” & “Go Crazy”), he’s looking to have an even bigger 2020! Despite COVID-19 slowing things up for everyone, Mook has decided to release “Death Chamber 1 and 2 (Deluxe),” an instant classic with new sounds, production, flows, and beats. All in all, pay close attention to what Mook TBG is bubbling up!



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