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Leah L’eCole Proves Her Worth On “Twisted”


Leah L’eCole


In “Twisted,” Leah L’eCole lets the world know that you can’t walk all over her.

I love me some Leah L’eCole! Not only do I like her quirky style, but I also think that she is a fantastic singer. “Twisted,” Leah’s latest single, is a women’s empowerment anthem that will definitely get stuck in your head.

“Twisted” features a colorful instrumental, powerful melodies, and tongue-twisting flows. The song also features lyrics that will make you want to let your current lover know that you won’t settle for anything less than platinum treatment. While you will be blown away by Leah’s fantastic vocal performance on the song, don’t sleep on the pizazz she shows.

If you love vengefulness, beautiful black women, colorful hair, and nice houses, you will love the music video to “Twisted.”

Watch the music video to “Twisted” below!



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