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J.I.D. Spits Serious Bars On “Cludder Freestyle”




J.I.D. goes headhunting on “Cludder Freestyle.”

J.I.D. is probably better than your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper. His wordplay, his flows, his lyrics, and his punchlines are all top-notch. On “Cludder Freestyle,” his latest single, J.I.D. absolutely goes off!

Everyone knows that if Eminem and Andre 3000 had a baby it would sound like J.I.D. With that being said, on “Cludder Freestyle,” the Atlanta MC is more Em than Andre. Not only does he ferociously rap about doing some heinous things to his foes on the song, but he also toys with insane flows.

Try not to listen to “Cludder Freestyle” on a Sunday, folks.

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