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Required For Entry Entices People To “Smile” On New Single

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Required For Entry


Every single person on planet earth can use a “Smile” right now.

In a world that has had to deal with so much tragedy this year, the music Required For Entry makes does a great job of putting smiles on the faces of folks. With that being said, on Just The Tip, their latest project, the band finds unique ways to get your heart to race. “Smile” is one of the best songs on the project.

“Smile” is a thrilling, action-packed, and powerful song. Not only does it feature an instrumental that is full of hard-hitting drums and electrifying guitar-play, but you also get a boisterous vocal performance and semi-romantic lyrics on the song. All in all, by the time you are done listening to “Smile,” you will feel both energized and ready to go after that one girl that you’ve been scared to go after for all of these years.

Listen to “Smile” below.

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