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Sonic Radiation’s “Roentgen” Is EDM Gold


Sonic Radiation

I’m convinced that “Roentgen” was made in the year 2204.

Sonic Radiation (Also known as Todd Last) makes futuristic, energetic, and electric music. As someone that is an IT nerd, I appreciate the fact that he uses modern computer music technology to create his songs. On November 20th, Sonic Radiation will release a brand new single called “Roentgen.”

“Roentgen” is powered by high-octane vibes and a helluva tempo. Personally, what I love about the song is that the energy it boasts will make you want to dance, dance, dance! I also like that the song sounds like it would fit nicely on a Star Wars, Star Trek, or The Fifth Element soundtrack.

Sonic Radiation outdid himself with this “Roentgen” song. Stay tuned for its official release on November 20th!

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