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Mr L-BO Kicks It With His Homies & Eats Pounds Of Crawfish On The Visuals To “Remind Me”




Mr L-BO is eating well, living life freely, and reaching his potential rapping-wise.

Mr L-BO is a well-established rapper from around my way (Northern Virginia). What I love about him is that he understands how to blend old school hip-hop sounds with new school hip-hop sounds masterfully in his music. “Remind Me,” L-BO’s latest single, is a banger that is powered by good vibes and good raps.

If you had a major come-up, “Remind Me” should resonate with you mightily. Throughout the song, Mr L-BO finds very clever ways to talk about his rough past, his unique journey to success, and the many ways he celebrates his well-deserved wins.

What you’re going to love about “Remind Me” is that it features a beat that will do everything in its power to pierce your soul. You’re also going to love the outstanding flows, powerful lyrics, and impressive punchlines Mr L-BO hits us with on the song.

Make sure that you check out the music video to “Remind Me” below! It should bring a smile to your face if you’re someone that likes to kick it with your homies in the hood.

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