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Ehbert Talice Keeps Hope Alive On “Contigo”


Ehbert Talice


Ehbert Talice hits us with infectious melodies on “Contigo.”

Ehbert Talice dropped two new songs this past weekend. The first one, “Glory,” is a lyrical banger that never lets up in hard-hitting vibes. The second one, “Contigo,” is a melody-heavy track that will definitely get stuck in your head.

“Contigo” is powered by a sunny beat, a very catchy hook, and lyrics that will remind you that GOD has your back, even when the devil is doing everything he can to tear you down.

As a listener, the first thing that you will notice is the melodies that Ehbert Talice blesses us with on “Contigo.” Don’t sleep on the sturdy flows and the basketball-related punchlines he hits us with throughout the song, though.

I will gladly let a song that boasts positive messages get stuck in my head.

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