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GoldLink Makes His Rapid Return With “Dunya”


GoldLink &


GoldLink clearly makes his music from Jupiter these days.

Two weeks ago, GoldLink dropped “Best Rapper In The Fucking World,” a song that sounds like it was recorded on a f**ked up mic. Today, he decided to release “Dunya,” a song that sounds like it was recorded on a TalkBoy.

OK, I take what I said in the first paragraph back, LukeyWorld’s catchy/trill-ass hook on “Dunya” sounds like it was recorded on a very respectable mic…

Do y’all know what GoldLink is talking about on “Dunya?” I tried to decipher these lyrics below and got really lost:

Right for the bro, go, uh, put it in a chokehold, uh
Met a lil’ crazy bitch, uh, crazy what I like, though
3-D print truck, yeah, 3-D Benz truck, yeah
When I really wanna rap-rap, I’ma really run ’em up, uh

GoldLink, put down the Barcadi 151.

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