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Lil Tjay Flexes His Vocal Skills Once Again On “None Of Your Love”


Lil Tjay


Y’all trying to help me pick up the pieces to Lil Tjay’s heart (I’m tired of hearing this dude sound heartbroken on songs)?

What a lot of people don’t know is that Lil Tjay looks up to Justin Bieber (Some very unreliable sources told me this a few months back). Since that is the case, I am not surprised that Tjay decided to sample Bieber’s classic “Baby” hit on “None Of Your Love.”

“None Of Your Love” will break both glasses and hearts. Throughout the song, Lil Tjay fearlessly sings about exposing chicks that are filthy and reaching his potential. While I don’t quite love the vocal performance that he gifts us with on the song, I do admit, the melodies he crafts are beyond solid.

If money can buy love, why are so many rich-ass rappers sounding like Trey Songz in their music these days?

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