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Math Drumming’s Second Collaboration With AlphaStorm Will Blow You Away

This collaboration project with AlphaStorm will give you a chance to see and hear how Math Drummings can help you become a better drummer!

Do you want to develop your drumming skills? If so, we recommend that you check out Math Drumming. Their platform offers a bunch of resources for drummers that want to learn a wide variety of strokes. The platform also has an extensive groove library that will challenge, inspire, and help you improve your playing. From polyrhythms to odd meters and advanced grid patterns, Math Drumming is ready to transform you into the drumming superstar that you always wanted to be! If you don’t believe a single word I said in this paragraph, all you need to do is listen to Math Drummings’ collaboration with AlphaStorm below!

If you are a major rock fan and you watched the video above, you should be a happy camper! The music that is played in it is full of both calming and fierce guitar riffs, tons of bass, spellbinding melodies, and of course, hard-hitting/thrilling drumming (The drum patterns are outstanding)! I can honestly say that my head hurts from all of the violent head-bopping that I did while I watched the video.

To learn more about Math Drumming, check out their website HERE.






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