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Electric Peace Electrifies On “Dinah Might”


Electric Peace


They don’t make musicians like Electric Peace anymore.

So, Electric Peace is a very interesting band… For starters, the lead singer of the group, Brian Kild, has had some pretty riveting encounters with music legends Rick James and Kurt Cobain in the past. Secondly, the band’s latest project is called You’re Going To Hell. Thirdly, one of the songs from You’re Going To Hell is the very trippy “Dinah Might.”

If you grew up idolizing psychedelic rock music, Scooby-Doo, or speed, you will love “Dinah Might.” The song is powered by a high-octane/cunning/fast-paced instrumental, hypnotizing melodies, and mind-numbing lyrics. The song’s title also misspells the word “dynamite” atrociously.

Take your mind on a ride by pressing play on “Dinah Might” below.


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