NBA YoungBoy


I expect NBA YoungBoy to release one hundred singles, four mixtapes, three albums, and at least two collaboration projects this year.

To say that NBA YoungBoy had a major 2020 would be a colossal understatement. Every other week, I feel like we heard a brand new song by him. Today, NBA decided to get his 2021 on and poppin by releasing “Toxic Punk,” a song that sounds, you guessed it, erratic as f**k!

Believe it or not, “Toxic Punk” features a pretty calm instrumental. As for NBA, he sounds far from calm. Throughout the song, he hits us with boisterous, emotional, and unchained vocals. He also talks about being on drugs, about getting the police called on him for acting crazy, and about recklessly test driving foreign cars.

I don’t expect this “Toxic Punk” song to be on an album (it sounds unmastered).