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Becoming Young’s Looking for a Good Time With, “No Strings Attached”


Becoming Young


Nashville based, Colorado native Becoming Young (aka Brandon Calano) is a singer/songwriter that was put on this earth to make gripping pop music.

Becoming Young has been praised by Forbes as “brimming with intrigue, angst, and heartbreak.” “No Strings Attached” is his latest single, and on it, he impresses listeners with his fresh take on love.

Becoming Young’s upbeat/well-mixed sound is filled with country buzzing vocals, crisp lyrics, and acoustic guitar melodies for a smooth lighthearted bop filled with swagger. Much like its lyrics, “No Strings Attached” is here for a simple good time. Fans of folksy vibing pop-with-a-twist are sure to turn up the volume on this radio-ready hit.

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