Proph3t of RAG3 & Samantha Bower


I listened to “Venom” from under my bed.

I am a major horror movie fan. I am also a major music fan (Obviously). When the two worlds collide, I am a happy camper. With that being said, Proph3t of RAG3 & Samantha Bower know how to make the best horror music cocktails. Their latest release, “Venom,” will both scare and excite the hell out of you!

Proph3t of RAG3 says that he enjoys making music that listeners will feel… Oh, trust me, you will definitely feel “Venom.” The song features a bone-chilling vocal performance, a house instrumental that will make venues shake, and lyrics that will make you think that there is something hiding in your closet as we speak.

I recommend that you listen to “Venom,” only if you are not squeamish.

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