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Yung Fate Looks To Impress With “Breakthrough”

Yung Fate believes that his time is now.

In order to become the best that you can be, you have to go through some s**t, right? Yung Fate, a dude that I think has next, has seen his fair share of trouble; especially when he was a kid. After he found music, things changed for Yung Fate.

Yung Fate’s career plans changed after he realized that he wanted to skip college and pursue a rap career. As he found ways to make ends meet with a part-time job, he also never stopped working in his home studio. Fate got his big break when his beats started to get recognition on SoundCloud. As the years went by, his music started to show up on Apple Music, Tidal, and Spotify, expanding his reachability to the world.

If you are a music fan, what you have to appreciate is Yung Fate’s story. In an era in which music can be created from home and uploaded from home, he has shown that hard work can permeate through any type of medium.

Stay tuned for Yung Fate’s upcoming project “BREAKTHROUGH”. It is a 4-track EP that will be released under Swaggertown Records. It will feature one guest appearance. (608 Trayce from Madison, WI does some work on it). To get hyped for the EP, watch his music video to “Heartless” below.


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