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Rahtwofive Promises To Have A Major 2021

Rahtwofive might be someone that you will be hearing a lot about in the next couple of months. How do I know this? Well, The Game said so! (When The Game speaks, you listen!)

RaHtwofive is an up-and-coming rapper that legendary rappers Fat Joe and The Game have vouched for in the past. The first part of his name, RaH, is short for Rahul (He started rolling with ‘RaH’ after a bunch of folks at his high school started calling him that). The “TwoFive” comes from his birthdate, but also has a deeper meaning, as, RaH states that it’s the name of the Sun God of Egyptian mythology (He says that he loves the sun. He also said that the name stuck with him after he visited Egypt).

RaH promises that the music that he will be coming out with will be next-level good:

Here are the things he said about it: “I can’t wait for you all to hear and see my new album, songs, and see my videos. You can stay up to date on my Instagram, which features news of all the new releases. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! I love creating and sharing with you. Thank you for believing in me!”

We’re looking forward to your new releases, Rahtwofive!


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