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New Albums Of March

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March is not only the beginning of spring but also the time of high-profile releases. Lana Del Rey, Justin Bieber, Evanescence, Serj Tankian, Ringo Starr – and this is by no means a complete list of new albums we will hear in the very near future.


Justin Bieber – “Justice”

March 19

It seems like “Changes” only came out yesterday, and Justin Bieber has already prepared a new album. The singer admitted that he wants to release music that would help people feel more comfortable in difficult times and get rid of the feeling of loneliness. The “Justice” tracklisting will include the previously released songs “Holy”, “Lonely” and “Anyone”.



Ringo Starr – “Zoom In” (EP)

March 19

Unfortunately, this is not a full-length new Ringo Starr album, just a five-song EP. But what a line-up of guests: Paul McCartney, Lenny Kravitz, Sheryl Crow, Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters, Billie Eilish co-writer Finneas O’Connell, legendary songwriter Diane Warren… And very likely, “Zoom In” will be the kindest and warmest release of the month.



Lana Del Rey – “Chemtrails Over The Country Club”

March 19

Lana Del Rey has announced that her new album is significantly different from her previous album “Norman F**king Rockwell” and will feature a lot of folk and country. Also, to the great joy of fans, Del Rey has once again begun to pay great attention to the visual aesthetic for which she was once beloved by so many.



Serj Tankian – “Elasticity” (EP)

March 19

System Of A Down frontman Serge Tankian’s solo mini-album will include both ballads (both piano and strings) and heavier tracks. It’s also, if Tankian himself is to be believed, more melodic than the band’s recordings and yet varied – not only in terms of sound, but also in terms of lyrics.



Evanescence – “The Bitter Truth”

March 26

2000s heroes Evanescence haven’t released an album since 2011, but Amy Lee’s voice remains just as beautiful and emotional. According to the singer, “The Bitter Truth” is “dark and heavy,” “rocking,” and somewhat reminiscent of Evanescence’s second record, “The Open Door.” There will be a lot of guitars, but don’t wait for the orchestral sound.



24kGoldn – “El Dorado”

March 26

24kGoldn’s track “Mood” was one of the biggest hits of 2020 – after that, he recorded joint songs with Clean Bandit and DaBaby. A test of the debut album is next: if the rapper pulls it off, it will be safe to say that a new star has been born. So far, everything is in favor of 24kGoldn – hundreds of millions of listeners on Spotify are already saying something.

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