Pacman Da Gunman Drops “Zero Tolerance With Both Mozzy & Nipsey Hussle

Woo wee, “Zero Tolerance” is meaannnnnnn.

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Pacman Da Gunman, Mozzy & Nipsey Hussle

ℝ𝔾𝕄 ℝ𝔸𝕋𝕀ℕ𝔾 (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

Woo wee, “Zero Tolerance” is meaannnnnnn.

I’m not gonna lie and tell you that I’m hip to Pacman Da Gunman’s music, but what I will tell you is this: Based on the picture that you see up top, I have no doubt in my mind that he’s bout that action. Today, the South Central rapper decided to release “Zero Tolerance,” a gangsta-ass banger that features two dudes in Nipsey Hussle and Mozzy that was/is about that action like Jackson.

Obviously, 85% of the people that press play on “Zero Tolerance” did it because it says “featuring Nipsey Hussle.” The good news is this: Nipsey puts up a hook that I think is beyond stirring and a verse that is full of raps that will remind you how talented/hood-certified that he was. With that being said, don’t sleep on Pacman Da Gunman’s dynamic verse that sets the tone for the song (I love the confidence and tricky flows that he raps with, or Mozzy’s sly-ass/braggadocios verse that closes the song out magnificently.

Every time Nip talks about moving in the streets smartly, my heart sinks.


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