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Alec Turner Is A Tattoo Artist That Is Succeeding Doing Things His Way

The 35-year-old Portland, Oregon native gives us valuable lessons on how to reach your dreams without sacrificing who you are.

Alec Turner is a professional tattoo artist that has been doing his thing for seven years. Matter of fact, he has been so successful at tattooing folks that he won awards such as best of the day at Hell City tattoo show, Best of Day for two consecutive days, and Best of Show at the 208 Tattoo convention in Boise, Idaho. He also has some pretty lofty sponsorships, too.


Alec also has a few passion projects, too. He has two recovery houses for drug addicts. He created them because he can relate to folks that struggle with drugs because he went to jail for drug-related charges when he was younger. He has been sober for a few years now.

Though Alec Turner works just as hard as anyone on this planet, he does spend a lot of time doing what matters most to him. He’s dabbled in art, which has allowed him to focus on his sobriety even more. As time went by, the more and more artistry became something that he thought he could do full time.

So what exactly motivates Alec? His motivation to be great comes from his one-year-old baby boy. As a single father, Alec decided to show his son, through his hard work and great pieces, what chasing your dreams can look like. He also made it a mission to instill a great work ethic in him. If that doesn’t strike a chord with you, I

So what would Alec Turner say about distress? Well, he attributes self-care to helping cope with the pressures that come with reaching your dreams. He recommends folks to take time out of their day to do things that make them happy such as traveling, spending time with family, and listening to music.

Alec Turner is more than just a tattoo artist, he is a successful individual that has won doing things his way. If you follow the methods he used to get by, I have no doubt In my mind you will reach at least some of your dreams.


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