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Electric Guitars- The Perfect Mix of Strings and Electric Current

Guitars, the instrument that struggled to be heard a few decades ago, suddenly saw a steep rise when the group of innovators decided to mix them with electricity. Hence, the name “electric guitar.” If you go by the reports, there has been an increase in the number of guitars manufacturing in the last five years. And it is projected to grow even more in the coming years.

And with the pop and rap culture growing tremendously among millennials and Gen z, the data makes more sense. But how to buy one if you are starting? Before that, let’s look at some information as to why the popularity of electric guitars suddenly rose.

The Shift to Electric Ones

Although traditional guitars are still not going anywhere, if you want to do something new or want to have a variety to choose from, electric guitars are your go-to instrument. And with the features like headless necks, fanned frets, and various tuning ranges available with these instruments, it makes it even more appealing.

Now that you already know that there are diverse reasons for the growing demand for electric guitars, here are the steps you must follow to buy the best one for yourself.

Electric Guitars Buying Guide 101- Decoding The Prerequisites

If you are interested in playing this instrument, you must be well aware of the fact that it is available in three basic forms. These include:

-Semi-hollow body
-Hollow body

Once you have a clear understanding of this, you must focus on the following factors.

First Things First- You Must Know Your Budget

How much is enough? Well, this depends on much you have in your wallet. Remember, you are just starting out. So, you must not spend all your money in the rush to buy the best one. What if it remains a hobby? It will be a costly affair then. So, choose wisely and then move ahead to other factors.

Size and Weight of the Guitar

A child can’t play the instrument that’s supposed to be ideal for an adult. So, if your child wishes to enroll in classes and is looking for a piece for himself/herself, consider getting a mini version. It has to be within a weight limit of 2.5 kgs.

You can look for heavier versions that weigh anything in between 3.5 kg to 5 kg for adults. Experts consider going for the former weight limit (i.e., 3.5 kgs) if you are a beginner.

Choose The Right Pickup

Most guitars come with three single-coil pickups. They are usually great for clean sounds. But they might not be your choice if you look for any form of distortion. For this, you can use a guitar with a humbucker pickup. This will allow you to get an instrument with a noise-canceling effect.

Check the Bridge- The Strings Anchoring Point

There are usually three types of bridges, such as hardtail, tremolo, and double-locking bridges. Ideally, experts suggest going for the second one since it helps create good sounds and is often very creative compared to others.

Try the Acoustic Properties

We often think that one needs to check the guitar once plugged in. However, you need to test it unplugged as well. If it is loud, lively, the instrument is what you are looking for. Remember, if it sounds lovely before the electricity hits it, it will feel even better when you plug it in.

Keep a Check on Your Woods

Experts suggest that the material significantly influences the tonal quality of the instrument. Maple, commonly used for necks or fingerboards, is a type of hardwood that provides a bright tone. Another type referred to as Mahogany usually offers sound or smooth sounds. Contrary to this, if you choose swamp ash or basswood, you’ll get some amazing acoustic properties.

Now that you know a few prerequisites when buying a guitar, here are a few things that you must consider.

-Besides looking into shapes and styles, you must understand the basics of woods and the knowledge regarding pickup combinations. Remember, every element will make the outcome completely different. Surprisingly, even the instruments that offer the same range and are from the same manufacturer will give you a different experience.

-When buying one for yourself, don’t stick to the common variables, such as price, look, or sound. Of course, you won’t want something in the range of a Gibson or Fender. But you must not miss out on quality.

Points to Remember

Keep your goals in mind whenever picking your favorite instrument. For every guitarist, theirs is the “perfect one.” Even if you are learning and it feels monotonous initially, trust us. You’ll find it worthy after a while. The feeling of playing the instrument is out of this world.

Experts confirm that new guitars would need an amplifier or cable. But if you continue playing it, you might require the following accessories after some time—for instance, strap, tuner, extra picks, extra picks, stand, and a case.

Look for Inspiration First

Who can forget the famous Jimmy Page and Bob Marley, who play the popular Gibson Les Paul? They just look so awesome playing those strings on stage. Honestly, why did you get into learning guitar in the first place? Well, you looked cool in front of your group. Was that it? Not really. You saw a player and picked up the instrument since they look fantastic.

Wrapping up

Whenever getting on to the buying mode, make sure to ask all the questions popping in your mind, irrespective of your days of research on different forums. If you like something and you’re unfamiliar with the type or style, ask for quick information without being hesitant.

You don’t always need to visit the store. Instead, you can go online and find the store that contains your favorite string instrument within the budget. You can also ask for promotions or sales to get the best deal for yourself.

So, what are you waiting for? Did you buy your first instrument yet?

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