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Robert BC Continues To Bless Us With Old School Vibes With “Don’t Stop”

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Robert BC


They simply don’t make R&B tracks like “Don’t Stop” anymore.

“I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Robert BC makes timeless-sounding music. These last couple of weeks, I’ve heard a bunch of tracks from him that gives me flashes to the past. Today, Robert decided to release “Don’t Stop,” yet another gem that three generations of your family will love.

“Don’t Stop” features a jazzy/edgy instrumental, an intoxicating melody, a fearless vocal performance, and lyrics that prioritizes a love that is as special/romantic/colorful as it gets. What I think makes this song unique is that it encourages you to get lost in it with its smooth and swarming vibes.

Listen to “Don’t Stop” by Robert BC below.

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