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SXSW & Taiwan Beats Gift The World With An Online Showcase

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This online showcase features four different Taiwanese artists that are more than capable of putting on a show.

Just because we are in a Pandemic, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t stop listening to and loving music, right? Well, both SXSW and Taiwan Beats realized that, so they decided to put on an online showcase for us that features some great musical talent, great scenery, and great vibes.

So who are the four artists that both Taiwan Beats and SXSW decided to highlight? They are the following:

Enno Cheng: A singer, songwriter, actor, and writer that loves to connect with listeners using a style that is truly engaging. In the video, she sings beautifully over a stunning mountain drop on the east coastline.

Fire EX.: A punk rock group who made sure to put on a high octane/powerful show in the mechanic factory with their performance of “Stand Up Like A Taiwanese.”

The Chairs: A fearless band that puts up a performance that is both hypnotizing and tasty on a shrimp fishing farm.

NekoJam: A female electro-pop quartet that puts up a captivating performance in the historic Monga-QingShanTemple.

Make sure you check out the SXSW and Taiwan Beats showcase below.

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