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You have to appreciate musicians that don’t mind letting their heart bleed in their music.

Do you know why I like Kdawayy? Because he is a trap artist that clearly has no boundaries. In other words, I find it extremely dope that he is capable of making music that hits hard as hell, music that boasts commercial vibes, music that will turn clubs up, and music that is emotional. In his latest project, Zombie, Kdawayyy does a great job of showing the world how much of a musical swiss army knife that he is. One of my favorite tracks from Zombie is “Stayyawayy.”

“Stayawayy” is an emotional banger that features a bass booming beat, a hook that I think is unbelievably catchy, and lyrics that will resonate with anyone that hates snakes, disloyal people, stragglers, and jealous muthaf**kas. While I wouldn’t call Kdawayy the second-coming of Paul McCartney singing-wise, I do think that the melody that he blesses us with in the song is pretty dope.

Listen to “Stayawayy” below.





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