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Rich Homie Quan Sounds Comfortable In His Own Skin In “To Be Worried”

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Rich Homie Quan

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Rich Homie Quan sure loves to reflect on his life, right?

Rich Homie Quan should be so much bigger, to me. Think about it: Both he and Young Thug had similar career trajectories when “Lifestyle” came out. Whatever the case may be, Rich Homie is still making fire-ass music these days. His latest single, “To Be Worried,” is one of those emotional hood bangers that you will absolutely f**k with.

Rich Homie Quan talks about his street-certified ways, his playa ways, his violent ways, his rich ways, and his amazing come-up in “To Be Worried.” While he blesses us with a hook that is both melodic and passionate, his raps on his verses are beyond trill.

Listen to “To Be Worried” below.

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