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Joyner Lucas Hangs Out With Mark Wahlberg, George Lopez & Diddy For The Visuals To “Zim Zimma”

Whatchu Think?

Joyner Lucas must’ve been the man in high school and several years after.

I love it when Joyner Lucas raps about some meaningful s**t in his music, but I also love it when he brags his ass off. In “Zim Zimma,” the latter happens, as, throughout the song, Joyner Lucas gloats about his boatloads of money, his women that are down to do something strange for a piece of change, and his impressive come-up.

In the music video to “Zim Zimma,” Joyner Lucas rides around with Mark Wahlberg (They ultimately crash into a pile of dirt), he gets into an argument with George Lopez, and he drives in miniature cars with Diddy. While I think the video is kind of weird, it does let you know how important it is to know people.

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