Manu Francois Injects Infectious Joy Into Summery Single “A Way For Both Our Ways”

A hybrid of fluctuating styles with contagious feel-good vibes.

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Manu Francois

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A hybrid of fluctuating styles with contagious feel-good vibes.

Caribbean-born, New Zealand creative Manu Francois is a singer, songwriter, and producer whose work varies in the experimental, pop, and rap genres. Francois brings his own unique sound to the music scene; his creations are soulful and non-conforming, featuring everything from smart, captivating raps to genre fusion. Francois’s latest release is the feel-good single “A Way For Both Our Ways.”

This track features elements of pop and classic instrumentals like saxophone and guitar, which add an extra dash of brightness to the already cheerful tone. Francois’s warm vocals blend in beautifully while boosting up the positive vibes with catchy lyrics. “A Way For Both Our Ways” is a lovely combination of style that feels both contemporary and timeless. It’s the perfect summertime song that lets you soak up its radiant concoction and dazzle with light and carefree energy.


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