P1LOT Reminds Us to Keep It Real With “Fake Fame” 

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“Fake Fame” is a catchy alt-pop track with a dark cautionary moral.

Portland, Oregon singer, songwriter, and music producer, Josh Calderon (aka P1LOT), is an award-winning artist. His sound is a diverse combination of genre-bending pop and raw authenticity. P1LOT’s music reflects on his personal struggles with long-standing depressive episodes, anxiety, the loss of his father, being a single parent, and addiction. His latest release is the single “Fake Fame” and its accompanying music video.

This alternative pop track and video are undoubtedly meant to be conversation starters. While the lyrics for “Fake Fame” focus on reminding listeners to not “fall victim to facades in relationships,” the video goes more in-depth with its exploration. It shows P1LOT’s character struggling in a straightjacket and how getting played by two “fake friends” led him to his situation. Both are worth checking out, but the “Fake Fame” visuals are definitely the more interesting experience.

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