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Tory Lanez Finally Releases “SKAT” With DaBaby

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Tory Lanez & DaBaby


Remember, this is the track that caused a small controversy between Megan Thee Stallion’s hotties and DaBaby.

We all know about Tory Lanez’s legal issues already, so no need to talk about it in this post (I guess I just did). What I do want to talk about is how he has found a way to continue to align himself with stars even though he’s in quite a sticky situation (Look at me trying not to talk about his legal issues but still doing it by accident).  These last couple of months, Tory has dropped songs with Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Tyga, Melii, and more. Today, he decided to drop a brand new single called “SKAT” that features the one and only DaBaby.

I know I am petty for looking at this, but DaBaby didn’t like any of the 3-4 posts that Tory Lanez posted on his personal Instagram account about this song. If I were to guess, it’s not because the song isn’t hot. “SKAT” is an action-packed banger that features a bouncy beat with a siren (Beats with sirens are always fire), a hook by Tory that I think is unbelievably catchy, and a few ferocious verses by both Tory and DaBaby that will remind you that they are money-making/ill-tempered/womanizing dudes. All in all, this song is intense.

So what exactly is a ‘skat,’ guys? I know what ‘scat’ means…

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