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Tony Cobain

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Tony Cobain had to make this song cry (I respect that).

If you aren’t hip to Tony Cobain, stop everything that you are doing (Including brushing your teeth) and get hip to him immediately. Not only is he a hilarious comedian, a pretty solid actor, and Pooh Shiesty’s little brother, but he’s also an outstanding rapper. A few months ago, I rated one of Cobain’s singles called “The City,” an authentic rap banger that features tons of wisdom-filled bars. His latest single, “How Many Tears,” is an emotional rap banger that will strike a chord with anyone that has broken someone’s heart way too many times.

“How Many Tears” is powered by an instrumental that you will definitely feel in your soul. Over it, Tony Cobain raps about letting his partner down by doing things such as DM’ing other chicks and lying to her. Personally, what I love about the song is how Tony pieces his thoughts together, legitimately sounding disappointed that he is the reason his relationship is on the rocks. I also like how he plows through the song using a style of rapping that is clear, concise, and engaging.

Give the very powerful “How Many Tears” a shot and a half below.





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