RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

Smooth, dreamy, and hot, that’s what “Impression” is by Elaye.

Starting off with a smooth beat mixed with a deep echoing flavor, “Impression” by Elaye sets the bar for young artists and their new singles. As the lyrics start, Elaye’s vocals swim through one ear to the next. She is thirsty for attention and love from her significant other and his neglect of her is taken personally. With the constant high-pitch of the vocals, Elaye stays conflicted on why her lover is dismissing her. Shown through the tone of the song, I was wondering why she was being neglected too. With a voice like that, take her back dude! She’s been nothing but good to you!

Elaye is an up-and-coming artist from LA that is climbing the ladder as a songwriter and musician. Other tracks of hers include “Always”, “So Fine”, “J.B.”, “Icy”, and “Bag”. She is striving to reach her desired lifestyle and with this recent drop, I think she can achieve what she wants wherever she goes. “Impression” gives off such a steamy and pleasurable vibe. I highly recommend it to you. Yes, you who needs to woo their significant other to keep their eyes only on you!

Listen to “Impressions” below!

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