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Cordae Schools Us On “Taxes” For Netflix Show “We The People”

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Cordae > HR Block.

The older you get, the more you should know about taxes. Here’s the thing, though: the concept of taxes is as confusing as a Christopher Nolan Batman movie. If you are in the beginning stages of learning about taxes, don’t worry, Cordae got you!



Cordae is just different, right? Seriously, I can’t think of another young rapper in the game that can drop a song about taxes. Anywho, in “Taxes,” I love how Cordae both explains how taxes impact you and me but also comes across as critical about the way certain taxes are used. Aside from the message that the song boasts, I think that the comforting instrumental, the hook, and Cordae’s unbothered tone are all very dope to listen to.

I love “Taxes!” (Why do I feel so wrong saying that?)

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