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Nas, Cordae & Freddie Gibbs Recreate A Classic For “Life Is Like A Dice Game”

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Nas, Cordae & Freddie Gibbs

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If you love hip-hop, you will hold onto “Life Is Like A Dice Game” with all of your might.

Does this “Life Is Like A Dice Game” track sound familiar to you? If so, there’s a good chance that you copped Nas’ Illmatic sessions project back in the day. Do you know what’s funny about the track? When it was created in 1993, Nas let the world know that “When I finish the sh*t, it’s going to be a hit.” Well, he was right, because this 2021 version of the track is hot as f**k!



If I’m Cordae or Freddie Gibbs, I am truly honored that I was asked to be on this song. If you ask me, Nas should’ve only let Jehovah or Jayhovah hop on this joint. Whatever the case may be, the two guests do a great job of hitting us with big-boy raps that are delivered impeccably. As for Nas, he sounds as crisp as he’s ever sounded, hitting us with a consistent flow and wisdom-filled bars that you should probably write down on a notepad. All in all, I think that “Life Is Like A Dice Game” is a fantastic listen.

My life is like Roulette: Rigged!

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