Young Cvsper ft. Kahalolani


Young Cvsper displays tons of passion in the very emotional “Humbled.”

Buffalo, New York-raised up-and-coming rapper, Young Cvsper, has been releasing hit after hit in 2021. He is planning on dropping his first EP sometime this summer, but until then, he is hard at work keeping the bangers coming. In his latest release, “Humbled,” Cvsper teams up with Kahalolani to create a simple but killer beat and lyrics that are far from boring.



Young Cvsper credits Eminem as someone who inspired him in his youth, and you can hear the Detroit rapper’s influence all over “Humbled.” In the song, Cvsper passionately raps about being in a relationship that seems to be deteriorating at a rapid pace. The song also features this hypnotizing chorus that you won’t be able to get out of your head.

“Humbled” is a great listen for anyone who’s a fan of Eminem, or just wants to hear some impactful raps.


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