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If you are new to $kinnyPurp’s music, “UNDEFEATED” will serve as the perfect introduction to who he is.

You will like $kinnyPurp’s music so much more after you find out where he came from. Hailing from Rockford, IL, a place that people call “Rockghanistan” because of the city’s widespread gang activity, $P found himself in and out of prison and battling poverty in his early years. Thankfully, his passion for music never wavered during his struggles; matter of fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if his struggles made him want to be a successful musician even more. These days, $kinnyPurp is hard at work establishing his own label and brand, and of course, making music. While there are several songs by him that I recommend you should listen to, one of his best is his latest release “UNDEFEATED.”



“UNDEFEATED” is everything from dramatic to motivational to gangsta. Throughout the song, $kinnyPurp pulls some people’s cards, gives himself a pat on the back for being a resilient dude, reminds us why he’s different from others and promises to grind his ass off until he reaches his full potential.

If you call yourself a true hip-hop fan, you have to love how $P races through the “UNDEFEATED” utilizing semi-melodic raps that are just as infectious as they are trill. You also have to f**k with the song’s simulating trap beat.

More rappers should wear their heart on their sleeves as $kinnyPurp does in “UNDEFEATED.”


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