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Giving What It’s Supposed To Give


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DaBaby is slowly turning into DaCancelled.

Do you know what I find extremely funny? The fact that people are shocked that DaBaby has been doing and saying some offensive s**t these last couple of days. If you know his come-up story or listened to his old music, you know that he is a dude that doesn’t give a f**k. That doesn’t mean that DaBaby should be excused for his homophobic comments, but I do think it should confirm to folks that he isn’t for everybody. Anywho, today, in the midst of all the controversy surrounding him, the North Carolina rapper decided to release “Giving What It’s Supposed To Give,” a track that is super duper outrageous.



DaBaby talks about getting dome, not sweating his run-ins with cops, and spraying folks in “Giving What It’s Supposed To Give.” Instead of toying with melodies or dynamic flows, he relies on his usual flows and spits his bars with a cocky demeanor. Since folks are infatuated with villains, I think this song will be a hit.


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