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Tory Lanez – We Outside EP (Review)

Tory Lanez blesses us with a five-track EP called “We Outside EP.”





Tory Lanez huffs and puffs his ass off in “Dripping.”

The “Dripping” beat sounds familiar, right? Well, let me help you out: The beat is from Migos and Drake’s “Having My Way” hit. What Tory Lanez does over the trap-fantasy beat is spaz the f**k out! Not only does he rap with relentless flows, but he also hurls out lyrics about stacking money, shooting folks, and macking. If you need a boost of energy, skip Starbucks and press play on this song.




I’m not sure whether or not Tory Lanez and Meek Mill are still friends, but I can tell you this: Meek’s style definitely rubbed off on Tory because in “We Outside,” Tory channels his inner braided Meek.

Much like he does in “Dripping,” Tory Lanez spazzes the hell out in “We Outside.” Over a strip club-ready beat that Meek would probably rap over, Tory Lanez uses flows and decibel levels that Meek would definitely rap with to explain that it is time to stop the quarantining and it’s time to start acting foolishly in the streets. More than anything, you will f**k with the energy that this song possesses.




Tory and Kodak are two dudes that are probably fine with going to hell (They probably have investment properties down there).

Tory Lanez has been just as good a marketer as he’s been a rapper/singer these last couple of months. What I find dope is that he’s been hyping up other people’s s**t just as much as his own s**t. “Grah Tah Tah” with Kodak Black is a song that Tory has been hyping for a while now.

I can honestly say that they don’t make records like “Grah Tah Tah” anymore. The song features a beat that gives me unadulterated/cold trap feels, a few OJ Da Juiceman quotes, heinous deliveries, erratic flows, and very disrespectful lyrics. While Tory more-so went off on his verse, I thought that Kodak dissected the beat majestically in his verse. Don’t ask me who I think won this song.


1. DRIPPING (3/5)

2. WE OUTSIDE (3/5)

3. PRETTY FACE  (2/5)

4. GRAH TAH TAH (4/5)

5. BDAY (3/5)




More than likely, Tory either made this EP in a few hours, or the songs on it are throwaways. Whatever the case may be, you don’t get the best version of the Canadian rapper on this project.

I’m going to preface my comments by saying this: I think that Tory Lanez is the most talented male rapper in the game right now. He knows how to make club hits, R&B hits, commercial hits, reggae hits, and everything in-between. With that being said, one of the only criticisms that I think one can say about Tory (I’m not even sure it is even a critcism) is that he tends to emulate other rappers from time to time. In We Outside EP, Tory raps over a Migos beat in one song, he sounds like Meek Mill in another song, and he sounds like Drake in another song. The good news is this: He does every impression I mentioned well. Aside from Tory’s impersonations, the album boasts some demonic lyrics, explosive beats, and toxic energy that you will actually love. At the end of the day, I just feel like the EP boasts songs that are a little too generic.

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