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If I Didn’t Have You

Christopher The Grey


Christopher The Grey is an artist and music producer from Birmingham, Alabama. He got his start as a member of the 90s group, The Trouble Makers. After taking some time away from the music business, he returned in 2013 to produce and create songs for other artists. While making those songs, Christopher The Grey realized how much he enjoyed the process and resumed releasing music under his own name in 2015.

Christopher The Grey’s wide variety in music tastes is demonstrated throughout his latest single “If I Didn’t Have You.” He raps in a melodic almost singing voice that would normally be heard in a pop or rap song. At the same time, the beat he created sounds similar to the beats used in electronic songs. Christopher The Grey was able to find the perfect balance that allowed each element to blend nicely with the next. During the song, Christopher The Grey confesses his feelings for the women in his life. He makes it clear, as the title states, without her, his life would not be as enriched.

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