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Meek Mill Spits Powerful Raps In “War Stories”

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War Stories

Meek Mill

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When Meek Mill raps over beats that flip classic hip-hop beats >

It seems like Meek Mill releases music whenever he feels like it. I mean, seriously, there’s no rhyme or reason with how he drops his s**t. Today, on a random Saturday, Meek decided to bless us with “War Stories,” a vicious freestyle.



“War Stories” features a flipped version of Isley Brothers’ “Ballad For The Fallen Soldier” instrumental. Over it, using a feverish tone, Meek Mill raps about spraying his opps, how he’s lost respect for a few people that he used to call his friends, and how dangerous his block is. While listening to the track, you will definitely get chills.

Meek still moves the needle for me.

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