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Another Story

Tha Goonez

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Southside Dame & T.J. Simpson on “Another Story” = Kobe and Shaq.

Do you know what I love about today’s hip-hop? There are so many talented artists in the game that come from all over the US. Tha Goonez is a production group out of Kansas City, Kansas that are doing everything in their power to put folks from their city on. In one of their latest projects, Tales From The Wax, the group calls on Kansas’s best to help them make it to the finish line. One song that stood out to me from the project is “Another Story” with Southside Dame and T.J. Simpson.

Yes, you read that right, I give “Another Story” a perfect score. The song features an uptempo/action-packed instrumental that I guarantee you will f**k with. Over it, Southside Dame and T.J. Simpson hit us with verses that are filled with excellent flows, lowkey clever punchlines, and lyrics that will let you know how competitive, how motivated, how sought after, and how hungry they are. The song also features this entertainingly frantic hook that will make you want to do a few additional reps at the gym. All in all, I am a major fan of “Another Story.”

“Another Story” is just one of the sixteen tracks that you can find on Tales From The Wax. I highly recommend that you give the full project a shot.






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